The apartment measures 74 square meters in Kyiv

This apartment is for a father with his little daughter in the historic center of Kiev (Ukraine), in the home, which is an architectural monument. Above the residence registration area of ​​74 square meters working Architect Glory Balbek and his talented team.

Layout builder assumed the presence of one bedroom, a small kitchen, two separate bathrooms and a living room. Rejecting the isolation rooms in favor of the studio layout, the space was transformed into a large rectangular room with panoramic windows, uniting four functional areas — the transit zone hall, lounge, kitchen and nursery.

The entrance hall is the main storage area, laundry area, hidden wiring and constructive communication to the second tier of the nursery. Children’s Room, which is located above the kitchen area on the one hand is separated acrobatic grid, on the other hand — the police mirror. The entire interior is made up of soft panels with print, which has been specially developed for this project by the artist and fashion designer Masha Reva.

The master bedroom has a tapered geometry of the window of the room. Rejecting the freestanding cabinets and drawers in favor of built-in storage space turned multifunctional: a dressing room, shower room with wash basin and built in the second level of the podium bed. With ceiling heights, the entire top of the wardrobe unit has been cast for the wiring of air conditioning systems.

The house has original design masterpieces such as Cassina Utrecht chair, designed in 1933 by Gerrit Rietveld; chairs at the dinner table the Vitra, which he worked on the design of Jean Prouvé, but their color was updated in collaboration with the democratic apparel brand G Star; SS carpet Tapis and piano Steinway & Sons «Boston» Blue, whose number in the world has only 20 pieces. However, they all behave in the interior underlined modestly and do not tend to come to the fore, but rather harmonious look with furniture elements that have their least-known story. For example, the dining table was made of planks dismantled ladder in the city’s Central Park.

One of the goals was to achieve dialogue between furniture and space in which it lives, creating the interior, where the main role is played not by the objects, and the air and light.