Sweet Black And White Interior Design Of Room 407 By PANDA

This is a renovation of apartment located in the financial district of Tokyo. Clients are a couple, husband in his 40’s and wife in her 30’s. They bought this apartment due to proximity to workplace and wanted to remodel it to suit their lifestyle. Their requests are to have enough closets and storage, to live as spaciously as possible, and to keep their living space stylish and tidy without lived-in domestic atmosphere. They also request a living/dining/kitchen space, master bedroom, study, and guest room (to be converted to child’s room in the future). Given these requests, my first thoughts are to avoid making monotonous built-in wall closets or simply removing partition walls to make free open space, because I feel that in such monotony and openness residents would have no clue as to how they should use the given space or which item should go to which storage, and that would be inconvenient and disorderly. My basic idea is to provide minimum required floor areas for each room, and to provide as much storage as possible. All rooms are located in sequence along the new diagonal axis. The black and white diagonal split creates exaggerated perspective effect so that the space feels more spacious. And rooms that require privacy are located at both ends of the spatial sequence.