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Development of an interior design project Kiev from LD ARCHITECTS

LD Architects is an original design studio founded in 2013 specializing in interior design and architecture. We also deal with exterior design, commercial design, graphics and many other creative aspects. When designing, we value honesty, simplicity and functionality most of all, we love bold, extraordinary solutions. Our projects are based on modern minimalism, as well as minimalism with elements of loft and ethnicity. We understand that simplicity, at best, requires perfection. Therefore, when designing, we pay special attention to the role of parts and carefully selected materials. We believe in the power of the most natural, real materials such as stone, concrete, wood and glass. Their unique character defines the entire arranged space, which challenges both conventional patterns and the destructive aging process.

The main activity of the company – interior design design for various premises: apartments, houses, cottages, private houses, villas, as well as commercial areas: bars, restaurants, cafes, offices, beauty salons, etc. We design tasks for various purposes and scales, both small private apartments and large office or public spaces. Our offer includes cooperation at almost all stages of design work; from concept, through construction and executive design, field supervision to turnkey implementation. We work with qualified and trusted companies in the construction industry, including builders, designers, plumbers, electricians, air conditioning and ventilation masters, providing a comprehensive service to our clients.

Interior Design – integral part of architectural design. When designing a building, it is impossible not to think about its filling. Therefore, working with two directions (interior and architecture) is an integral part of our work. We offer both private interiors – houses and apartments, and commercial premises such as shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels and others. Our advantage is complete care of the project – from the concept, detailed design, architectural supervision to the selection and procurement of equipment and interior furnishings. We recommend trusted contractors. We focus on simplicity, functionality and conciseness. We use high-quality, natural, environmentally friendly materials and equipment of the highest quality.


If you have any questions for us, or if you want to create an exclusive project, or in doubt, please contact us by e-mail or by phone. We also recommend that you read the most frequently asked questions. Perhaps thanks to them you will get answers to your questions faster.

Do we like the furniture, lighting, decor or anything else that was used in the project from LD Architects and we ask for the name, model, color number or manufacturer’s name?
This information is part of our many years of experience, a huge amount of time devoted to constant monitoring of the market, technological capabilities, and we transfer this knowledge only to our clients.

Do you implement projects outside Kiev, Ukraine?
Yes. Our studio is located in Kiev, but from the very beginning we have implemented projects regardless of their location. Therefore, we can make a project for you in any corner of Ukraine, as well as abroad. We have collaborated many times with clients from all over the world, incl. Netherlands, Georgia, Poland, USA, China. When working on projects, we use modern tools that greatly facilitate remote communication via the Internet.

I plan to make the interior of a house / apartment, how much does such a project cost?
To obtain information on the cost of the project, send a request by e-mail to studiolightdesign@gmail.com with a brief description of the planned premises, its location and area (the number of square meters of usable area to be designed). We will try to send you an offer as soon as possible (usually within 1-2 business days).

What is the cost of implementing a project similar to your portfolio?
It is difficult to estimate the cost of a project before its concept is created, since each of our projects is exclusive and individual. However, our experience shows that the minimum cost of realizing 1 m2 of usable area + complex execution of interior design is from 1300 dollars per 1 m2.


The first and most important stage is the stage of getting to know the client, his needs, assumptions and dreams about the future interior. We conduct a detailed interview in the form of a questionnaire, the purpose of which is to get the basic recommendations needed to launch the project. We’re talking about nice things like colors, materials and art. But we’re also talking about more mundane issues like the client’s planned budget for this project. Only this approach guarantees the creation of an interior design, taking into account the needs of the client.

Before starting to work on the concept, we make precise measurements of the interior, called an inventory, and photographic documentation. Based on the inventory and the client’s needs, we make a planning solution, which becomes the basis for us to start working on an interior design concept.

At the very beginning, we consider the functionality of the interior and how to adapt it to the habits and requirements of the customer. We analyze the family lifestyle. At the same time, we think about how the individual rooms interact with each other. It is at this stage that we create the interior architecture. Usually, several options are created, and we discuss all planning decisions with the customer.

After the approval of the planning solution, we proceed to the creation of the visualization. After that, a presentation of realistic photos and virtual reality VR 360 ° takes place, which allows you to inspect any point in the interior. This helps the client to orientate himself in the space and to study in detail all the details of the interior.

After the approval of the 3d visualization, we prepare a detailed working project, which includes all the detailed drawings and estimates necessary for the implementation of the interior design project. We provide you with all the information regarding your future design, down to the size of furniture and materials used, complex assemblies and a complete specification of materials and equipment, household appliances and decor items. We present the project in the form of a design book in duplicate along with an electronic version of all documents.

As a rule, we carry out field supervision or complete turnkey implementation of our projects. We are in constant contact with customers and contractors. Over the years of cooperation with countless subcontractors, we recommend to our clients only proven ones, on whom we can rely, and the quality of their services is the highest. For our clients, we coordinate orders and deliveries from Ukraine and abroad.

We are invariably touched when we, together with the customer, designers and subcontractors, close the scope of work and admire our joint work. We take pride in the way our projects are brought to life and our clients are happy.

Recent projects
Interior Design

Interior design is the main specialization of our Kiev studio. We have been working in this direction since 2007 and have managed to complete many projects, each of which is an individuality created from scratch, no clichés, repetitions and designers in the design. Each of our projects has its own recognizable face and exclusive concept. This is always an exclusively individual solution, which takes into account all the nuances of the object with which the specialists work.

If you value innovation, modern technology, comfort and functionality, you will definitely like the result of our cooperation, which will be based on the minimalism style. We claim to be able to create a masterpiece for any home or commercial facility. And this is not an unfounded statement, since we will prove it in practice if you decide to order an interior design service in our company.

Exterior and architecture design

Exterior design is an additional service of our studio, which is offered to owners of private houses, cottages, villas or commercial buildings. The result is created by our specialists not only taking into account the customer’s requirements, but also with an eye to the nearby objects, which ensures excellent harmony and style.

In addition to exterior design, we can also offer a landscape design service for the surrounding area. Our experts will be able to turn the area near your house or building into a real masterpiece that will decorate the object. But remember: nothing more! All ingenious is simple!


Our team not only designs interior, exterior or landscape design, but is also ready to take on all issues related to the implementation of a turnkey project. For this we have a team of professional craftsmen who can solve absolutely any problem posed by the designers.

We take into work any volumes, areas, objects. We carry out repairs with high-quality, innovative materials. And, in addition, if the customer wishes, we will take care of all the issues related to the procurement of materials for work, while ensuring strict financial reporting. As a result, the result will not only meet, but also exceed your expectations.